Hmm! Long was the time with no free stock photos, and you have to pay an enormous amount for stock photos, or you will have to hire a professional photographer; it was another cost at the time. So back then, it was hard to get good photos without sweating.

But fast forward to now, everything is easy and super fast. It is simpler to get a stock photo and a professional photographer. And the good thing is that there are sites that offer free stock photos, so you won’t need to break the bank to use a picture for your business.

When we look back to the past, there are many reasons you wouldn’t want to pay for stock photos again. Not just because of the rise of free stock photos, there are other reasons why you will decide never to pay for a stock photo again.

So let’s dive in and look at three big reasons why you would not want to pay for stock photos again.

  1. Lack of money. Let’s be honest paying for professional, high-quality photos cost lots of money. For the startup entrepreneurs, paying for stock photos is not an option. You shouldn’t spend more than you earn. A high-quality stock photo can worth at least $500, which is so pricey right? Sure it is, especially if you are just starting a business.
  1. Free stock photo websites. As I said, free stock photos are rising. With the rise of free stock photos sites, there will be no significant need to pay for stock photos or to hire a professional photographer. And the good thing about free stock photos is that some of the free stock websites license al their photos under Creative Commons Zero, which makes the photos easy to use anywhere you go. When a photo is licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CCO), you can use the photos anyhow and anywhere you please, either for commercial or personal purposes. The truth is that with the rise of free stock photography, most people will not want to pay for pricey stock photos anymore.
  1. You would not get what you want. Although you might get pictures similar to what you want, you won’t get what you want. The truth is that no one can have the same vision as you. The photographer who took the photos has a vision which might not be the same as yours.