Why Magento is your best choice if you are looking for an international ecommerce platforms in the US

Living in this day and age, it is easy to see that most people are living their lives in the online world. Because of that a business in the online world is a great way for you to be successful. The best tool that you can have when you want to start your online business is an ecommerce platform, and that is exactly what we are going to be talking about today. Our favorite amongst all of the different international ecommerce platforms out there is Magneto and today we are going to be telling you a bit more about why we feel it is the perfect solution for your business in the US, so make sure to keep reading this article until the very ends to find out more about it. .

 Magento is not a solution for the feint hearted and we can easily say that in order for you to get the most out of the solution and to use it to its full potential you need to have some kind of technical knowledge, preferably with writing code, and if you have experience then the whole thing will be even better for you. Magento is a self-hosted solution and what that basically means is that you are left on your own when it comes to everything from maintenance to making sure that your ecommerce is completely secure.

And while this means that you will have a lot more work and that you will have to do, which will definitely also be more time-consuming, you will also have complete control over your ecommerce which is definitely not the case with SaaS solutions that are hosted by the provider. You will have also to find your own hosting and the great thing about is that you can find a hosting depending on the budget that you have. This means that you can also control what you pay, to some extent, which is always a great thing.

Working online, especially in the US, gives you a great opportunity to grow your business outside of the country and sell internationally, and something that makes Magneto the best international ecommerce platform is the fact that it is a highly scalable solution. This means that no matter how much and how quickly your business grows, your ecommerce will be able to handle everything that happens once that change comes. The biggest problem is that most ecommerce solutions don’t make sure that the ecommerce will properly once the traffic increases, and the fact that Magento is scalable means that you will not have to worry about that at all.

Along with scalability, you will also get some tools that will help you run a larger business. The best tool are definitely the multi-store capabilities which will allow you to run all of your different stores on the same Magento interface. And even though running Magento overall does take a bit of skill, the truth is that the interface is very simple to use and you will find that the learning curve really isn’t that bad, and that combined with the multi-store capabilities is something that will really make your life much easier.

Another incredible benefit of using a self-hosted, global ecommerce website builder platform like Magento, which is also an open source solution, is that apart from having complete control over your own ecommerce you also have complete freedom when it comes to customizations. When a code is open source it means that anyone in the world has access to it and, if you are good at coding, you will be able to re-write that code and modify it to suit your needs completely. This is a really great option to have, especially since it will allow you to change the appearance of your ecommerce completely, which is definitely not the case with a platform that is cloud based and fully hosted, like Shopify.

Having the ability to customize your ecommerce means that you will also have a lot better options and possibilities when it comes to branding, and branding is something that can help you target your audience better than ever before. You will also be able to write code and change other things about the website, but even if you aren’t that good at coding yourself, you can still hire someone to do it for you. The key here is that you will have the ability to customize. Something else that can help you when it comes to the customization options of the platform is the App store. There are over a 1000 different apps, add-ons and features that you can add to your ecommerce and all of them are created by third party-users that a part of the Mangeto community. Getting the apps and connecting them to your ecommerce is extremely easy, but if you feel like you can’t find what you are looking for you can also get your own developers to help you out by creating something for you.

. The community that we just mentioned is also a great benefit for you because that means that you have a whole group of people that will be willing to help you out. The open source code also means that the ecommerce can be a bit more vulnerable from hackers so you will need to keep your security perfect, and that may require some help. But since Magento doesn’t have a typical customer support, the community members will of great help whenever you run into any issues. If you need help to make a decision, what you can do is ask people for help with that as well, because after all, all of them have been in the position that you are going to be at some point.

There are so many great things about Magento and a lot of things that make it the best international ecommerce platform for your business in the US, and putting it all down in just one article can be very difficult. We hope that you found this article interesting and the things we love most about Magento will encourage you to take a look at the solution for yourself.

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