Stock images are, widely, used these days; almost every company uses stock images. Stock images have grown to the extent that they are used by website developers, bloggers, graphic designers, news agencies, etc.

There are lots of stock image sites available; some of the websites offer free stock photos, while some website offers stock images when you pay. A stock image site is also known as a stock agency.  A stock image site has photos captured by professional photographers of events, nature, people, familiar places, landmarks, etc.

As I said, stock images can be gotten from the websites (agencies) for free or by paying for the rights to their usage.

Here are the different ways in which you can get a stock image.

    1. Public domain. When a stock photo is available in public domain, it means that the photos can be used for commercial and personal purposes and the user does not need a license to use them. Most free stock photos are registered for public domain, while some are the not. So make sure you do your findings about the picture you want to download before downloading them.

  1. Royalty free. What does the term “royalty free” mean? Royalty free means to pay a one-time fee for lifelong use of an image. When an image is royalty free, you can decide on how to use the picture, how long to use it, the number of projects you want to use it for, how many times you want to use it, etc. however, you need to conform to the license agreement. When it comes to royalty free images, you are some restrictions on their usage.
  • The images can be used by multiple users.
  • An unlimited number of copies of the image that can be used.
  • The images cannot be transferred or resold to another owner.
  • The images cannot be used in an offensive manner.
  1. Extended license. What do we mean by extended license? Extended license is a license that enhances the facilities offered by Royalty-free license. Here are some services provided by the extended license:
  • You can dictate the owner of the photo to withdraw the photo from being provided to other users, so you are the only one who gets to use the photo.
  • You also have the chance to print unlimited copies of the image.
  • You can also sell the picture to other people.
  • However, an extended license is an expensive option.

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